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February 2008

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It is useful to wash the dirty linen (the world) sometimes…
When you immerse the linen (the world) in water (anything), the dirt emerges itself...
A little of soap (distinction) is needed - and the process of clarification has begun...
When the linen is in water completely, you do not see it as you see only water (anything)...
When you get the linen and look at it, there is only a form (the world)...
When the laundry is finished...
Water is water, emptiness is emptiness!..
The world is the world, the form is the form!..
But it is not the same world any more!..
It is Pure World!..
There is no dirt anymore as it was dissolved in Emptiness!..
The Dirt is only "your" interpretations and estimations...
Of this Perfect World!...


Hi, You're a member of my community elightened wicca. But I have a new community, I think, a better community, that I hope you will be interested in and join. Its called ljbookofshadows and in short, this is what its about. Hope you like what you see and that you tell a friend.

I have some ideas about paganism that might not be as popular as I would have hoped. I don't think paganism should be exclusively about magick. I don't think that we need to be overly dramatic and freak people out because the truth is that it is a legitimate religion and it would be nice to be perceived as such. I also believe there should be more emphasis on the spirituality of it all, how being a pagan causes you fulfillment in life, and lastly I'm interested in the social aspect. In community so to speak. Paganism for me is my spiritual path, magick for me is a unique form of prayer and validation of myself as an empowered being of nature, but its also about fun and what ties me to people especially my fellow pagans. So what do you think? Can we go on this journey together? Can we share more of ourselves than just our spells?